DIY Invitation Making Tip – Make a Template.

The biggest part of making your own invitations is the repetitive cutting of paper or embellishments. I you are individually measuring each page or item for cutting, it is easy to get tired or lose concentration and make a mistake. An easy way around this is to make a separate paper or card template for a particular repetitive cut, that […]

Ladies, Choose your Envelopes!

If you are making your own wedding or birthday invitations here is another great tip to save yourself frustration.   When you are putting together your prototype, make sure that you choose your envelope first and constantly check that your invitation will fit.   It is easy to get carried away with all the wonderful layering options, […]

Things to include on your Invitations

Hi, Remember whatever wording you choose for your wedding invitations it is important to include the following information. The names of the Bride and Groom Time and place the Ceremony will be held.  Remember to make time 15 minutes before ceremony takes place. The time and address of your reception venue RSVP date and address.  […]

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording.

With so many brides enjoying making their own invitations, the correct wording is hard to come by.  Here is a sample of a formal wedding wording option: Mr & Mrs Matthew Crow cordially invite Guest Name to attend the wedding ceremony of their daughter Julia Grace Crow To Adam John Smith son of Mr & Mrs John […]