Wedding Budget Tip- Timing is Everything.

Ok, this is a real secret coming from the inner sanctum of the wedding industry… husband owns an event hire company specialising in weddings, and I can tell you that in winter it is a real struggle to keep the sales coming in.  He will do almost anything to get a sale for the winter months […]

Colour Inspiration for your Wedding Theme.

One of the easiest ways to get a handle of your wedding theme is to decide on a colour.  It can be your favorite or signature colour, which you can then weave through your wedding from invitations to bomboniere to wedding decoration . You can start with a shopping trip with your bridesmaids to purchase […]

Wedding Themes – How do you decide?

With so many options, choosing a theme or mood for you wedding can be very daunting.  But once decided, it can immediately narrow down your choices and make decision making much easier.  But where to look for inspiration?  In the next posts you will find ideas for how to find your unique theme and start you […]

Beach Wedding Invitation Wording.

Here is an idea for some informal invitation wording for your beach wedding. We have dreamed of a beach wedding at sunset and thanks to our families we would love to invite you to join us at Cable Beach, Broome on Saturday the 27th July 2009 Then join us at Cable Beach Resort for dinner and […]

Invitation Making Tip – Printing Test.

Invitation paper is expensive so make sure that before you print your wording onto your decorative paper that you do a test on a plain A4 white sheet first.  This way you can check that you have your margins correct for cutting.  Also check your wedding details, spelling and grammer.  Although you can do this […]