Printing, Assembly & Other Services

What does 'assembly' mean?

Assembling your stationery means adhering invitations to a backing, gluing ribbon and embellishments & wrapping pouches with twine, ribbon or a belly band (in which case they will be enveloped as well).
If you choose to do the assembly yourself you will need to have a pair of sharp scissors, our recommended adhesives and then follow our step-by-step assembly instructions on how to adhere your stationery together.

Does my order come printed?

Where applicable all Something Fabulous products come with printing included as per the product description. This printing is included in the advertised online cost of the products ordered.
The design and layout will be personalised with your information. Printing includes:

  • Choice of wording or use of our suggested wording templates to help you along.
  • Choice of fonts as per our font choice list.
Can I have my guest names printed on invitations?

As part of our standard printing of invitations, we include the merging of your guest names into the invitations (with the exception of save the date cards). We also print your envelopes with names and addresses as part of our standard printing service.

What does standard pricing include?

In most cases our standard pricing is our DIY Print and Cut price. This includes:

  • Invitations and stationery are personalised (if applicable), proofed, printed and cut ready for you to assemble. This is a fantastic way to make your own invitations and other stationery. It is fun, easy and it saves you some cash. A full list of the “print and cut” inclusions is listed below in the next question.
  • Any customisation of the standard design. This includes changes in card colour, ribbon colour, embellished paper colour or design, print layer colour (where applicable) and envelope colour. Buckles, flat back embellishments and flowers can be changed from within the same design and cost range.

Additional stationery and assembly, can then be added to your order based on your requirements.

What does the Print and Cut option include?

Our Print and Cut option for any of our designs includes the following:

For Invitations

– Printing of your wedding details and wording on the invitations.
– Merging of your guest list into the invitations (you can add this option on the digital printed range).
– Matching envelopes printed with your guest names and addresses (you can add this option on the digital printed range).
– A full proofing process with unlimited edits to make sure everything is perfect! We do not print anything until we have your full approval to go ahead.
– Cutting of all printed layers of your invitations.
– Cutting of all decorative papers and ribbons ready for assembly.
– Inclusion of all buckles, flowers and embellishments as per the invitation you have ordered.
– Full step by step assembly instructions on how to achieve a professional finish.

Reception Stationery

– Printing of personal details including menu’s, thank you messages, ceremony details, etc.
– Merging of guest names (if applicable) to the product being ordered eg: place cards or tags.
– A full proofing process with unlimited edits to make sure everything is perfect! We do not print anything until we have your full approval to go ahead.
– Cutting of all printed layers of your stationery.
– Cutting of all decorative papers and ribbons ready for assembly.
– Inclusion of all buckles, flowers and embellishments as per the stationery product you have ordered.
– Full step by step assembly instructions on how to achieve a professional finish.

What other stationery can I add to my invitation order?

At Something Fabulous we realise that everybody has different requirements. To this end we have made the following additional stationery optional and they can be added to your order. They include:

  • RSVP/Acceptance Cards
  • Information cards
  • Wishing Well/ Birdcage/Registry cards
  • A pocket to hold your additional cards

Please note that if you order more than one card we will always graduate your cards in size with headings so that they look fabulous!

What is an RSVP/Acceptance Card and what does yours include?

Our standard design is a postcard option. All guests need to do is fill in, add a stamp in the top right hand corner and post back to you. This means that the design is very cost effective as another envelope is not required. This option includes:

  • Personalisation of your return address.
  • Optional dietary requirement question.
  • Inclusion of other questions. This is based on the available room on the card.
    Please speak to our customer service department for more information on this.
What is an information card and what does yours include?

These days many of our customers require an information card to inform their guests of additional details regarding their wedding or event.
The cost of printing this information, set up and proofing is included in our standard information card price. Printing on the reverse side is no extra charge.

If you have ordered an information card with other additional stationery we will always graduate your stationery with headings so that it looks professional. See images online.

Information can include:

  • Wet weather contingency details for outdoor wedding ceremonies
  • No children requests
  • Accommodation options for guests traveling to the wedding
  • Information on wedding websites
  • Directions to the weddings
  • Maps
  • Social media requests
  • Wishing Well poem
  • And much more….

For information and wording ideas and examples please see our blog. Alternatively, if you order with us we will email you lots of suggestions!

What is a Wishing Well Card and what does yours include?

If you have decided to have a wishing well or birdcage at your wedding for monetary contributions, this card will let your guest know, via a cute poem/verse that this is the type of gift you prefer.
If you are having a gift registry we can also print the details on this card.
The cost of printing, set up and proofing this verse or information is included in the wishing well card price.
We have a large selection of verses for you to choose from, or of course, you can give us your personal wording.
Please note, that your wishing well can be placed on an information card negating the need for an extra card. It all depends on the amount of information that you have and how you wish your invitations to look.

What is not included in the standard price?

The first price that you see online does not include:

  • Assembly of invitations or stationery, including adhesives.
  • Additional stationery items such as acceptance cards, information cards and wishing well cards.
  • Internal pockets to hold the additional stationery, unless you are choosing a pouch design invitation which includes the pocket.

These can all be added at the time of ordering based on your requirements.

Do you offer matching stationery? How do I order these?

At Something Fabulous we love to design whole collections to take our customers from save the date cards through to invitations and reception stationery.
Our complete collections are displayed online, so you can get an idea of what they look like together and the products you may need for your wedding or special occasion. (You will notice that we often combine some of our stationery so that they can fulfill a number of functions and save some money.
In addition to invitation designs, other items that we usually include in our stationery collections are:

  • Save the date cards
  • Personalised place cards
  • Menu cards with or without guest names included
  • 3D menus that offer 3 print sides which is perfect for your choice of table numbers, menus, beverage lists, guest names, thank you messages or any other information
  • Ceremony booklet covers
  • Wedding favour ideas
  • Favour boxes with labels or tags
  • A3 Table Seating Plan
  • Thank you cards

If you do not see a product to match your invitations online, contact us

Do you deliver outside Australia?

We accept orders on line from New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. If you are from another country please contact our customer service team for information on providing our products to your part of the world.

Do you print in other languages?

We can print in other languages. You will need to supply all wording.

Contact Details, Location & Samples

At Something Fabulous we want you to contact us if you have any questions regarding your event or order. We are happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for, we are happy to customise stationery for you or help you source a product that you may not be able to find.
Please contact us by phone or email
Email: sales@somethingfabulous.com.au
Phone: 0414 902 349

Where is Something Fabulous located?

Something Fabulous is located in Mudgee NSW

Do you have a retail shop or showroom?

We no longer have a showroom as such but local customers can visit us to look at samples by appointment only.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, you will need to make an appointment. Simply email or phone to discuss what is most convenient for you.

Can I see samples of your products? How do I go about this?

Online – You can order sample packs of our invitations online for $10 plus postage. Please note that the cost of your invitation sample is refunded via a coupon code in provided in your sample pack.

By phone or email – If you are not comfortable ordering online you can contact us by phone to order your sample. You can also email us to place your order.

Can Samples be personalised with my details?

Unfortunately no, all samples are printed with generic wording. This will give you a good idea of our quality of work. Once you place your order we will begin personalising your details and going through our proofing process.

Order processing

How can I order my Something Fabulous products?

You can order from Something Fabulous in the following ways:

Online – All our standard products can be ordered online via our easy to use and secure online shop.

  • Via email or phone – Ordering your wedding stationery is important, if you wish to speak to a real person, customise your design, obtain a quotation based on your numbers or ask a question, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email.
How long does it take once my order is placed?

Once you place your order with us we will send you an email requesting all the information we need to begin proofing your printing. This will happen by the next business day after you place your order with us.

When we receive all of your information required to print your order, you will receive your first digital proof in the next couple of days. The digital proofing process timeframe may vary, as this is based on the number of edits you may request before approving the artwork. Allow around 2 weeks.

Once you have approved your artwork to be printed, we quote a processing time of up to 2 weeks. This does not include shipping times.

Shipping will take another 1-4 days depending on your location and the shipping method you have chosen.

Can I place a priority order to receive my invitations faster?

Due to the large amount of orders we receive, we cannot always guarantee faster time frames on our deliveries. However if you do require a faster service please contact us, we are always try to help where we can!

Is there a minimum order quantity, and what is it?

Our minimum order for invitations is 20. We always suggest ordering extra invitations for last minute guest inclusions and keepsakes as our minimum reorder amount is $15.00.

For other products the minimum orders are listed in the product description.

How many invitations should I order?

When you order your invitations it’s a good idea to have your guest list finalised. If you haven’t, you will usually need around half the amount of invitations as guests you are planning the invite taking into account couples and families. For example, 100 guests approximately 50-60 invitations.

We then suggest you order at least 5 spares to cover you for last minute guest inclusions and keepsakes.

Remember that merging of your guest names into invitations is included in your price (optional extra for laser printed invitations) so in the end, you will only pay for the number of invitations you will actually need. So if you wish to place your order but do not have your guest list finalised, that’s ok, we will send you a guest list to fill in.

What if I need to reorder more invitations?

As an existing customer, you do not need to order minimum quantities and you can order more invitations. Our minimum reorder amount is $15.00 plus postage. Please contact us to organise your reordering.

What do I need to have ready in order to place my order?

To place your order online you will need to know the approximate quantity you need. Once your order is placed we will be in contact with your via email to outline all the information we need, offer you font choices, wording examples, etc to help you on your way. We will work closely with you to complete your order.

How do I personalise invitations when ordering online?

You do not need all your information ready when you place your order. Once your order is placed we will be in contact with your via email to outline all the information we need, offer you font choices, wording examples, etc to help you on your way. This gives you plenty of time to get your information together and know that your booking is in the system ready to go when you are!

Do I have to use your website to place my order?

Of course, placing your order online is a great option but if you would like to contact us to place your order, this is 100% ok with us! This is especially useful if you wish to personalise one of our existing designs.

Do I get to see my product layout before it is printed?

Yes, once we receive your printing information we will email you your artwork in PDF format. We do not print anything until we have your full approval.

How many changes can I make during the proofing process?

Unlimited edits can be made until you are satisfied with the proof and instruct us to go ahead with printing.
Please note that any changes to font choice, design or colour after the guest names have been merged may incur an additional fee.

I have not received my PDF proof, what should I do?

Firstly we suggest you check your spam or junk mail folder to see if your proof has gone there automatically. If you still have not received it, please email or call us immediately.

Customisation of Invitations and Stationery

Can I customise a design that I see online?

All Something Fabulous designs can be customised to suit your special day. Some of our online designs offer selections where you can choose as you place your order, these include: card and ribbon colours to suit your theme also adding embellishments.

For other customisation please email or call us to discuss your particular requirements.

Can I choose my font styles?

When you place your order with us we will send you a selection of font choices and combinations for you to choose from.

If there’s a font that you love or have used before, we and can and get it or match it for you from our large range.

Can I send you an invitation design that I love for you to quote on?

At Something Fabulous we can recreate most designs of papercraft invitations or offer you something very similar. We do not like to copy designs outright but can offer our take on it.

Can you do graphically designed invitations?

At Something Fabulous we specialise in paper craft layered invitations however we also have a printed range. We can also print graphically designed images that you may have had done for you.

Can you do laser cut, embossed, engraved or letterpress invitations?

We currently offer a selection of laser cut invitations online, we can quote on other invitations upon request.

Do you provide foiling?

We do not offer foil stamping as this is typically a commercial printing process.
However, we do offer foil transfer. Please contact us to discuss your options.
We can also print in colour, so a silver or gold colouring can be achieved.

Can I personalise my printing?

Yes! All Something Fabulous designs include printing of your personalised details. Please see the “printing and services” section for information on this topic.

Proofing your personalised wording

How do I approve the artwork for my stationery?

Once we receive your information, we will send you a PDF proof of your artwork to the email you provided on your order. We will ask you to send us any changes via return email. Then we will email you the changes back via a PDF. This process will continue until you are 100% happy with your artwork.

We require your approval in writing via email. It must state that you are happy with the last proof you have received and instruct us to go ahead with printing.

How long does it take to receive a proof?

Once we have received all your personal information for your product you will receive a proof in the next couple of days. If you do not receive your proof we suggest that you check your junk mail folder to see if it has gone there automatically.

Can I make changes to my PDF proof?

You can make unlimited changes to your proof until it is 100% correct.

How do I make sure there are no mistakes on my stationery?

You will need to check your digital PDF proof carefully, once you have approved your printing any mistakes will be your responsibility and not that of Something Fabulous.

We suggest you double check the following things;

  • Day and date (including year).
  • Times of your function are correct (ceremony and reception).
  • Spelling of all venue names, bride and groom names.
  • Guest names.
  • Font choice, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Addresses.


Does my order include envelopes?

All our save the date cards, invitations and thank you cards come with matching envelopes included in the price.

What type of envelopes do I receive?

All our envelopes are selected to match our invitation designs. They will come in the same high quality paper that the invitations are made in.

Are my envelopes printed with guest addresses?

All envelopes for invitations come printed with your guest names and addresses (optional extra for digital printed invitations). These are printed directly onto the envelopes. So no handwriting of envelopes is needed.

If you have ordered a boxed invitation then clear address labels will be provided.

For save the date cards and thank you cards, if you choose to personalise with guest names at an extra cost, printed envelopes are included.

What does it cost to send out my invitations?

C6 and DL envelopes are a standard size, these are $1.00 to send via Australia Post.
160mm Square and 5″ x 7″ envelopes are classified as a large letter and are $2.00 to post.

For boxes it may depend on the weight and the distance you are sending them, please get a quote at your local post office.

How do I send you my guest names and addresses?

We will send you an easy excel spreadsheet to fill out with your guest names and addresses.

Will you insert the invitations into the envelopes?

No. The printed envelopes will be provided separately, you will need to insert the invitations yourself. The reason for this is so that you can check the invitations, and include any other personalised information.

Can I choose a different coloured envelope?

Yes, you can choose a colour from within our standard range free of charge. Alternatively, you can choose another colour, however, this may incur an extra cost.
Please contact us to discuss alternate colours.


How is my order delivered?

Orders will be delivered via Australia Post, usually in a regular or Express Post satchel, depending on your choice.

What are the shipping costs for orders?

When you place your order you will have a choice of our flat rate shipping charge of $9.95 for regular parcel post or $16.95 for Express Post.

When Express Shipping is chosen for a large quantity or item that exceeds the size of a satchel, we will use regular post. If you need your large order urgently, Express Post will need to be quoted first as it will incur an extra cost.

We are classed as ‘NSW Other’ on the Express Post network. Please check this chart for the delivery estimate to your postcode: Express Post domestic delivery estimator.

For orders over $300 we offer free shipping for orders Australia wide.

What is the asterisk* for on Express Post at the checkout?

When you place your order and you choose Express Post, it will get to you in fastest way possible.
We are classed as ‘NSW Other’ on the Express Post network.
Please check this chart for the delivery estimate to your postcode: Express Post domestic delivery estimator.

Exception: When Express Shipping is chosen for a large quantity or item that exceeds the size of a satchel, we will use regular post. If you need your large order urgently, Express Post will need to be quoted first as it will incur an extra cost.

Do you ship to New Zealand?

Yes we offer a $20.00 flat rate for shipping to New Zealand.

Do you ship internationally?

We accept orders online from New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. If you order online your shipping will be calculated for you, otherwise you can contact us for a price.

If you are from another country please contact us for information on providing our products to your part of the world.

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping is available only to Australia, on orders above $300.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, you can pick up your order. We are located in Mudgee NSW.

Payment, refund process or cancellation policy

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Paypal or direct deposit payments into our account.

Please note direct deposit payments take a few days to clear into our account.

You can also choose to pay a 50% deposit on your order with final payment due when it is ready for shipment or collection. If you choose this option our account details are provided at the checkout.

Can I make progress payments?

We realise that managing a budget when you have a wedding or large special event to pay for is a challenge. To this end we are happy to help you spread out the cost of your invitations and stationery in the following ways:

We are happy to accept a 50% deposit when your order is placed with full payment due before your order is shipped or collected. Many customers want to know that their order is in the system and want to make their booking far in advance of when they will actually need their order to be completed. This way a deposit locks in their order but full payment is not due until everything is ready to go.

You may love our full stationery collections but do not have the budget to pay for it now. No problems, we understand that reception stationery is not needed until after RSVP numbers have been obtained and other details finalised. So while you may add this to your initial order you do not need to pay for it until work begins. Simply choose the 50% deposit option in the checkout or call us to discuss.

Can I cancel my order after ordering?

Yes, you can cancel your order after ordering, just contact us to organise your cancellation.
Please note that if proofing has already begun, a $50.00 cancellation fee will apply.

What is your privacy policy?

When you order with Something Fabulous we are very serious about protecting your privacy and will not disclose your details to a third party. Please see our full privacy policy in the footer menu for more details.

Is my credit card payment secure?

When you order online with Something Fabulous your credit card details are secure. We use Paypal for credit card purchases and your credit card details are never available to us.

Under what circumstances can I expect a refund or reprint?

Something Fabulous promises great print quality and will provide a refund or reprint the product at our own cost if a production error has been made, such as faulty print work or mistakes in the hand assembly.

If the layout is different than the approved digital proof, or we have delivered a product different from the one you ordered we will provide a reprint or a refund.

With colour printing we will require you to provide us with the Pantone number or custom numbers for your Microsoft product, but even then each printer is different and variations may occur. It is impossible to match a colour exactly in most cases.

What if I have a complaint?

At Something Fabulous we value your feedback and embrace both good and bad reviews. Your complaint is our chance to improve and we will always try to rectify your issue. All we ask is that you contact us immediately.

Customer testimonials

How can I see what other customers have said about you?

We have many customer testimonials. Please go our customer testimonial section of this site. You can also check out our Facebook page for customer comments and reviews.

I would like to offer a review of my Something Fabulous products, how do I do that?

We would love to hear your favourable feedback and are very honoured if you review our product and service. You can do so via email or we would be happy for you to review us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FabulousInvitations?ref=hl