Place card holders on sale

With our white mixed place card shells selling out last week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to give you an in-depth look at the natural shells that are still on sale.

These sliced natural mixed shell card holders are perfect to use as a place card or as a gift for your guests.

The assorted shells are made by mother nature, so each one is unique. They come in varying sizes depending on their type, but all are a substantial size.

You have the choice to add a place card to your shell. The additional price of 50c includes merging of guest names. Each card is 9cm x 9cm, they are scored in the middle for easy folding. Once folded your place card will be 4.5cm x 9cm. The place cards come printed on your choice of high quality pearlised or matt paper and will be ready for you to place on your guest tables.

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