Wedding Invitations Money Saving Tip

Savings ahead

You can save money on your invitations.

At Something Fabulous, all of our designs come in a print and cut option. This means that we proof, merge and print your stationery, cut all components and provide instruction on how to put them together and achieve a professional finish. See our designs on line at

For the crafty amongst you, making your own invitations is fun!  We love it and it is a fabulous way to save some cash. A few words of advice:

  • Do your research, know the style of invitation you want, buying on a whim will lead to wasted money. Remember to look for time saving products such as the least amount of layers to stick together.
  • Know your limitations, have you been involved in craft or scrapbooking before? Are you confident with computers? If you are not experienced, try a simple design. Simple is fabulous!
  • Can you get someone to help you? Is your fiancé great with computers? Is your mum or bridesmaid into card making for scrapbooking? Remember that people love to be involved in your wedding day, all you have to do is ask.

Hope this helps save you some time and money 🙂