Beach Wedding Invitations – Rustic/Natural

The Beach Invitation Inspiration

When we were looking to create our new beach wedding stationery collection we looked to the elements and feel of our stunning coastline for inspiration.  The feel of the sand beneath our toes, a piece of driftwood lying at the waters edge, a shell that has been bleached and rolled by the sun and sea, a coastal shack, an old boat on the shoreline with frayed rope where an anchor used to be.  We ask ourselves what are the colours that spring to mind, what textures can we create and what elements are available for us to use…..and we create a mood board. (lots of fun!)


Rustic Beach Weddings

This covers inspiration from nature but we just can’t create without looking at the stunning work of  couples and their amazing suppliers .  What has gone before us and what can we do to enhance these looks and help a theme go from start to finish.

The Beach Wedding Invitations Designs

We sit down at a big table and play with the papers, cards and trims that we have available, brainstorming and just letting our imagination run away with us.  Then we look at everything logically, how will our designs handle the postal system? Is there a price point for everyone, a design for an engagement invitation, a destination wedding….a look for different rustic beach wedding themes?  Can our designs be changed to suit our customers….colours, textures and places?  Can our designs be recreated by our couples as a print and cut option? We cull, we analyse, we agonize, we argue and finally…….we decide….and our new beach wedding invitation collections are born, made, photographed and placed on line ready for our customers to see.

And then we rest! 🙂