Wedding Menu Cards – Something Fabulous

At Something Fabulous we love to design our reception stationery to get the most bang for our customers buck! Wedding menu cards are a way that we can combine a number of functions into one product. Here are some ideas

3D Menu Cards

Why not consider wedding 3D menu cards that are decorated to match your other wedding stationery and/or your wedding table decorations. Each one has 3 sides that can be used in a number of different ways.

  • Side one can be your table number or name.
  • Side two can be your wedding menu
  • Side three can be your beverage list, thank you message, love poem or your love story or any other information you would like to have.

As you will only need 1 or 2 per table this option is cost effective and also looks fabulous on your guest tables.


Menu/Place Cards

If you like the idea of your guests having their own individual menu incorporated into your table setting then our menu/place cards are a great option. These not only look great but they are a cost effective option.

At Something Fabulous we offer a large range of wedding menu ideas for our customers to choose from, and we are also very happy to help you create a design that matches your special day.  All our designs come in our Print and Cut option ready for you to assemble or of course we can put together for you ready for placement on guest tables.  Why not email or call and have a chat on 4385 3215.

Have you seen, heard or come up with an interesting idea for wedding menus, we would love to hear from you?

Happy wedding planning!