Unplugged weddings – How to word on your invitations

Here at Something Fabulous we have noticed that more and more of our couples are adding an “unplugged” message to their wedding information cards.

What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding means that no electronic devices are to be used during the ceremony, the reception or both.  No camera’s, mobile phones and no photo uploads to social media or other sites.

  • What is the reason for an unplugged wedding?

Picture the scene, stunning couple exchanging vows, lost in each others eyes, their photographer has lovingly captured this moment and turns to take a shot of guests who are looking on enraptured by what they are witnessing, but instead of seeing a group of smiling faces those faces are distorted by mobile phone camera’s……hmm not the image the couple was hoping for!

Further these shots start to appear on social media sites before the ceremony is even finished and the couple have had a chance to approve or even view their own wedding images. In one case we heard of, a groom saw his bride before she even walked down the aisle, due to over zealous bridesmaid.  Unintentional we know, but none the less disappointing.

What to do to avoid this?

The best way to avoid this situation is the add a “no social media”or an “unplugged wedding” request to the information card which accompanies your invitations.

Ceremony or reception?  While the ceremony is a more solemn affair, many couples are very happy for photo’s to be taken at the reception especially those that capture the fun being had by guests.  We have often included an instagram hashtag on wedding menus cards and wedding place cards to help guests properly tag their photo’s.

Here are some options you could use:

Ceremony unplugged request.

To enable us all to be fully present in the moment when our vows are exchanged we request that all devices be switched off and no photo’s be taken before and during the ceremony.  Please feel free to use your mobile devices at the reception to capture the fun and frivolity of the evening. If you are uploading to Instagram we request that you use the following, #lynnandmatthewswedding

Ceremony and reception unplugged request.

We want you to be able to relax and have fun with us on the day! With This in mind, we invite you to put down all your favourite devices and just be present, in the moment, with us. Please leave your camera in your bag (we’ve  got the photography covered!) and put your mobiles on mute.

It is also suggested that you place a chalkboard or sign with the  “unplugged wedding” request at the ceremony and/or reception to remind everyone on the day. Please see some suggestions for wording on our Unplugged Weddings Pinterest Board