How to word your “no children” policy on wedding invitations

We all love kids!  Here at Something Fabulous we are all mothers and as mothers, we understand (and sometimes like, cough!) that not all events are suitable for children,  and that each couple is perfectly within their rights to decide to make their wedding a “No Children” affair or not.  In any event it is always better to decide on your preference and let your bridal party and parents know.

If you decide not to give any indication regarding children on your invitations, parents will ask, and it is sensible to have a core group of people who know your wishes and can relay them.

Wedding invitation etiquette, suggests that those named on an invitation, should be the only ones to attend, so by all means add children’s names to an invitation or put “& family” after couples names, to make it clear that you would love their kids to attend your wedding.

This etiquette is not always understood, especially by family members, so if you have decided that you really do not want to have children at your wedding it is better to inform your guests early.  Allowing them to make a decision regarding their attendance and give them plenty of time to organise baby sitting for their children.  This is best done by placing a small statement regarding children on your invitation information card.

Here are 4 ways you can word this request:

Option 1

While children are welcome to attend the wedding ceremony, the reception is an “adults only” affair.

Option 2

Due to limited numbers and seating arrangements at the venue, the bride and groom regret the request of “no children”

Option 3

To allow guests – including parents – an evening of relaxation and uninhibited revelry, we respectively ask that no children attend the church service or reception.

Option 4

To enable the wedding to be an “adults only” affair, babysitting services can be arranged by contacting the concierge at the hotel.

We have found that all these statements work well.

Do you have a suggestion for how to word a “no children” policy?