A guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

How can I make my invitation sound romantic/fun/like us? How do I include all the details and make it flow? What information should be included.  Wording your invitations and stationery can be a daunting task. Below you will find the information that we give to our customers when they are wording their wedding invitations.  It is a good starting point to make sure that they are including everything. We have lots of specific wording option within this blog but this post will get you started.

We find that there are 4 main parts to a wedding invitation.

The Invitation

Traditionally a wedding invitation is sent from the people who are paying for the wedding, this can be from the Bride’s parents, Bride and Grooms parents or the Bride and Groom themselves.  See our Wedding Wording Examples for specific options

A love poem can be included at the top of the invitation or on the front cover of the invitation.  Or split from the front cover to the top of the invitation inside. For example “We decided on forever (on front cover)……….and forever begins today” (inside at the top of the invitation wording). See our Love Poem Collection for some inspiration

The invitation should include the following information

  1. Parents names (if necessary)
  2. Bride and Grooms names as you wish them to appear on the invitation
  3. Date of wedding
  4. Time of wedding ceremony
  5. Ceremony location & address
  6. Time of Wedding Reception
  7. Reception location & address
  8. Dress Code (optional)
  9. RSVP date and details

 Any further information should be provided on a separate information card.

Acceptance Card

 Many customers provide an acceptance card to track their guest numbers.  Our Something Fabulous Acceptance cards are a postcard design and come standard with accept and decline options as well as room for guest names.  All your guests have to do is stick on a stamp and mail. All our Acceptance cards are printed with return address details.

Optional details can be included to collect more information from your guests.  Some examples are:

  1. Special Dietary Requirements of guests.  EG, vegetarian, Gluten Free etc
  2. Song choice for reception
  3. Transport requirement indication
  4. Attendance to other events. For example: next day BBQ 

Information Card

 There are many details that can be included on an information card to help your wedding/event run more smoothly and ensure your guests have all the information they will need to attend your wedding without confusion. These details can include:

  1. Wet Weather Contingency Plan for ceremony
  2. No children request
  3. Organised transport details eg, Mini bus pick up
  4. Directions to the venues
  5. Maps of venue

  6. Social Media request.
  7. Accommodation suggestions
  8. Parking details for venues
  9. Wishing Well (this can be included on a separate card if you wish)
  10. Other events that may take place during wedding period. EG Rehearsal dinner, next day activities etc
  11. Song choices for reception.
  12. Wedding website information
  13. Menu information

 Wishing Well/Gift Registry Card 

This card will let your guests know what type of gift you prefer.  The following options are most common

  1. Monetary contribution towards a new life/honey moon/house renovations
  2. Gift Registry
  3. Traditional presents
  4. Combination of above.

A number of options also exist for how your guests will give their gift at the reception or in other ways.  For example

  1. Wishing Well at the reception
  2. Birdcage at the reception
  3. On line contribution
  4. Gift Table at the reception
  5. Delivery of gift before the wedding day via a gift registry or other option 

A poem is selected to go on your card to describe one of the preferred options above.  See our selection of Wishing Well Verses to help you along. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be writing specific blog posts with suggestions on how to word the different options for wording your invitations, information cards, acceptance cards and wishing well cards.  Do you have a topic you would like me to address or a questions regarding your wedding invitation wording?  If so let me know,  I am happy to help. #weddinginvitationwording #wishingwellverses