When do I order my wedding invitations for February, March and April weddings?

Good question!  Here is the insider information…….

If you are getting married in February, March or April you should be thinking about ordering your invitations around September/October.  Our paper suppliers are flat out with orders from all over the land and they do start to experience shortages of certain papers and trims at this time of the year.  We like to encourage our customers to get their orders in with us early, so that we can, in turn, order everything we need from our suppliers and have it all here in stock ready for when our customers are ready to start proofing. The last thing we want is to redesign the perfect invitation!

On top of this, our suppliers close down for the Christmas break and require last orders to be submitted by the middle of December.  Many of them are closed right through until the middle to end of January and of course it takes time for them to catch up once they come back to work.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not complaining, we love our suppliers, but we love our customers more!  So we do a “work around” and make sure that our customers are aware of these time frames so that we can avoid any disappointment in product supply.

In short whether you order from www.somethingfabulous.com.au or another wonderful invitation company these supplier issues will apply.

Hope this helps….X