How to design the perfect Beach Wedding Invitation

In Australia, the Beach themed wedding is a very popular choice for many couples and of course being a country with lots of coastline and stunning views this wedding theme is a perfect fit for the Aussie bride.  Here at Something Fabulous our beach designs are our top sellers and our designers spend a lot of time making sure they are just right.

When we design our beach themed wedding stationery we consider the following factors as we create.

  • Colour.  Think the creams and lattes of the sand, blues and turquoises of the sea, yellow and oranges of the sun, or the pinks and yellows of the perfect frangipani or orchid.  Papers and card are available in all these colours in both plain or patterned designs.  Our Ocean Breeze Story even uses a print layer paper called Sand which (if you look closely) has a fine sand like pattern on it. Amazing!
  • Texture. The beach is full of textures, in any natural environment nothing is 2 dimensional. We always add texture to our invitations.  Think of grains of sand, the feel of a sea shell and the shimmer of the sun on the water. Texture can be introduced using an embossed, handmade or matt paper, our pebble paper is the most popular but there are so many to choose from, there is even one that looks like rock which is fabulous!  Texture can also be added by using a natural ribbon or raffia.
  • Embellishments. This is the most popular way of adding a theme to your beach invitation.  A natural starfish or shell can be added (all environmentally frendly of course) and these also come in diamonte  or resin versions and can add that touch of bling to a beach themed wedding invitation.

All these elements combined can capture the feel of the sun and sand for your guests and have them looking forward to your stunning beach wedding.

Have a look at the Something Fabulous designs, you can make any of these yourself as a DIY option or we can help with printing and/or assembly.  Remember that our designers are on hand to help you personalise your invitation so give us a call and have a chat.  Click here to see our On The Beach designs.

Good luck with your designing and we hope this helps you create your perfect beach invitation design.

Candee Hart (Something Fabulous Designer)

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