Wedding Budget Tip- Timing is Everything.

Ok, this is a real secret coming from the inner sanctum of the wedding industry… husband owns an event hire company specialising in weddings, and I can tell you that in winter it is a real struggle to keep the sales coming in.  He will do almost anything to get a sale for the winter months and even in September (think spring wedding!). This is the time to book your wedding. 

I have seen him discount up to 50% off the normal price of not only marquees, but also other items such as table, chairs etc .  But only at this time of year and just coming into spring, oh and Ok January is also pretty quiet as well, but that did so not come from me!

You may be thinking weather, but if you live on the east coast of Oz and look out the window on any of our lovely clear sunny winter days you will notice that there is very little rain at this time of year.  Also your makeup will definately not run, and your men will not swelter in their suits.

I also know for a fact that the same cashflow problems are happening for restaurants, decorators, florists and caterers.  I know this because after over 10 years in this business these are the people we speak to all the time, and we refer to this time of year as “baked beans season”, because this is what we are all eating.

Remember that no matter where you live the above information will be the case. 

Serious about saving money, have a winter or early spring wedding.  It’s as simple as that, you will save thousands!

Hope this helps


(oh ok its me, Lynn  shhhhhhhh)

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